Static Foundry

Duraloy Static Foundry Services

Duraloy Technologies uses two sand casting processes in the static foundry depending on the size, quantity and design of the customer’s product. Duraloy produces large simple castings up to 10,000 pounds to small intricate designs. Duraloy uses flasked and flaskless patterns for castings. Flasked patterns are for large, small quantity products such as tube supports, spiral retorts, platens and tooling. Flaskless patterns are run through a semi-automatic production loop to increase the output of castings per day.

Duraloy Technologies has five electric induction furnaces and two vertical pouring pits used for the static foundry. Duraloy has an internal pattern shop to reduce lead time for customers and make adjustments to existing patterns.

Duraloy has made large strides in improved lead times and quality of static castings from the use of solidification modeling. Solidification modeling predicts where porosity would be in the casting flow model and adjustments are made prior to castings.