New Alumina Forming Austenitic Cast Alloy

TMA 6350 Alumina Forming Austenitic - New Alloy

Duraloy Technologies has signed a license agreement with UT-Battelle LLC, Oak Ridge, TN for an Alumina Forming Austenitic, High Temperature, Corrosion-Resistant Cast Alloy. UT-Battelle manages and operates Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. Duraloy is an industrial partner on a 3 year, $3.9 Million ARPA-E (DOE) project managed by UT-Battelle. Under the license, Duraloy has authorization to market, manufacture, and sell a new cast alumina forming austenitic stainless steel filed in the USA under patent US 8,431,072, and US Patent 8,815,146.

The new alloy will be manufactured as Duraloy’s trademark name, TMA® 6350. Govindarajan Muralidharan, Michael Brady, and Yukinori Yamamoto developed the Ni-Cr-Al alloy. Combined the three have over 70 years of research and development experience.

The project is an example of over two decades of continued success between Duraloy Technologies and Oak Ridge National Lab. Duraloy has partnered in the development of three previous R&D 100 Award Winning alloys. TMA® 6350 is best suited for ethylene cracking coils for the petrochemical industry and plate heat treat furnaces rolls for the steel industry. The agreement shows Duraloy continues to focus on alloy development, the foundation of the company since the 1920’s. The newest alloy will broaden our chemistry book of over 80 alloys cast at Duraloy including our proprietary and trademark alloys: Supertherm®, MO-RE® series, TMA® series, Super22H®, and 22H®.

Pictured are employees from Duraloy Technologies, the U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Lab, and a major global steel producer.