Saint Vincent College Lean/Six Sigma Project

St. Vincent Group

Duraloy Technologies has always strived to be a continuous improvement company, and with the assistance of six final year undergraduate Saint Vincent College students, ‘being-lean’ will help improve Duraloy's competitive advantage. The undergraduate students are working on improving the production scheduling system to drive home one of Duraloy's core business goals of on-time delivery. The upgraded scheduling system will improve the link between production backlogs and quoted project lead times. In return, this will create further optimization with accurate lead times to ensure on-time delivery for all clients.

During their entire semester, these Saint Vincent students of the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics, and Government will have the opportunity to use both lean and six-sigma continuous improvement tools within a real-life application. With lean ideas being a fundamental part of today's successful business world, the tools and concepts that these students will apply will help improve Duraloy as a whole, while providing the students with a ‘hands-on’ learning experience. Successful completion of this project will partially fulfill the requirements to enable these students to sit for the Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt Examination at the end of their term.