Emisshield Partnership Announcement

Duraloy has signed an industry-changing partnership agreement with Emisshield. Prior to the partnership, Duraloy used Emisshield coating systems multiple times to solve our customer’s needs. Through the craftsmanship of Duraloy’s castings and the high emissivity technology of Emisshield, this agreement will bring solution based products to the hydrocarbon and chemical processing and metal production industries.

In hydrocarbon and chemical processing, Emisshield can be used to coat process tubes of high temperature furnaces. Emisshield is applied to the process tubes and refractory walls, a combination that generates uniform temperature distribution, an increase in energy savings and production.

For metal production, applications include reheat furnaces, bell annealing furnaces, walking beam furnaces, electric arc furnaces, and others. The increase in combustion allows for a quicker heat up and cool down in an intermittent furnace, which saves manufacturers time and money. These are only some of the applications where Emisshield will be effective.

Emisshield is the third generation of high emissivity ceramic coating originally design by NASA to protect space vehicles used in space exploration. Emisshield is a thin filmed, space certified ceramic coating with high emissivity and heat re-radiation capabilities extending over a wide temperature range up to 1,700°C (3,100°F). The Emisshield technology positively impacts most heat applications by changing the base physics of any system, and thus allows for positive improvements on any heat generating or absorbing structure. Emisshield® High-Emissivity coatings are proven solution based products that provide energy savings, production increases, downtime reductions, increased material life and lower air emissions.

Contact us at sales@duraloy.com or visit www.emisshield.com to learn more!