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Duraloy Steel Mill Products

Dry Tunnel Furnace Roll Assemblies

Tunnel furnaces (or roller hearth slab reheat furnaces) provide one of the toughest environments for cast steel fabrications. With temperatures approaching 2300° F, these rolls are expected to carry the full weight of the slab being heated to rolling temperatures. Duraloy's dry rolls, manufactured in our proprietary alloys, have proven themselves as the best rolls in the world. Dry rolls provide several advantages over "wet" or water-cooled rolls. First, in a tunnel furnace transfer car, they eliminate the need for flexible water hoses to be hanging from the shuttle. Dry rolls minimize heat loss in the furnace, reducing energy consumption. Duraloy's proprietary MO-RE 2150® alloy has allowed furnace operators to retrofit entire furnaces with dry rolls.

Water Cooled Tunnel Furnace Roll Assemblies

Water cooled furnace roll assemblies

Water cooled rolls are found in CSP tunnel furnaces around the world. The rolls have a carbon steel tubular shaft with a stainless steel "corebuster" installed in the shaft to direct water flow through the roll. Cast tyres are then welded to the shaft to provide the carrying surface for the slabs in the furnace. The areas between the tyres are covered with a castable ceramic material to insulate and protect the shaft. Duraloy has supplied thousands of water cooled rolls.


Continuous Annealing Line (CAL) Rolls

CAL roll

Duraloy produces a these large diameter rolls, typically used in continuous annealing or continuous galvanizing lines. The rolls are produced with centrifugally cast bodies and statically cast end bells.  These rolls are commonly manufactured in 800 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm sizes.  All the parts are cast in house and finish machined to customer specifications. The rolls can also be supplied static or dynamically balanced, if required. Typical alloys of construction are HF, HK, and MO-RE 1®.

Skid Riders

These statically cast rider blocks are used to carry slabs through a reheat furnace. The slabs are heated up prior to being rolled into plate or sheet. These rider blocks are normally pinned to an underlying skid and are designed to keep the slab elevated off of the skid to avoid scratching the slab surface and provide for more even heating. Skid riders are normally cast in very high alloys, such as Duraloy's proprietary alloys MO-RE 1®, MO-RE 2®, 22H® or Super 22H®.


Radiant Tube Assemblies

Duraloy produces a variety of straight, “U” and “W” radiant tube assemblies.  Duraloy can manufacture complete assemblies that include bung plates, bellows, and insulation.  Radiant tubes are manufactured in alloys ranging from ASTM grades HK,  HT and HU to high temperature proprietary grades like MO-RE 1®, Super 22H® and MO-RE 2®.  R&D 100 award winning TMA-4701® can be used in some applications as an upgrade over HK, HT and HU with little to no increase in cost. 


Plate Heat Treating Furnace Rolls

These rolls are used in a roller hearth, plate hardening furnace in the steel industry. The roll is fabricated from a centrifugally cast barrel, two statically cast roll ends and shafts made from forged bar.  Duraloy manufactures these rolls in alloys such as HK, MO-RE 1®, MO-RE 35MA®, Nickel Aluminide and TMA 6350®. 

MO-RE 35MA®, Nickel Aluminide, and TMA 6350® alloys have an alumina forming barrier to decrease pickup on the plates. Duraloy Technologies has an exclusive license on Nickel Aluminide and TMA 6350® from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


Galvanizing Pot Rolls

Duraloy manufactures sink rolls and stabilizer rolls for use in galvanizing pots.  The rolls are normally made in CF-3M alloy and can be manufactured in the low ferrite condition.


DRI Furnace Parts

DRI Furnace coils for Tenova HYL design

Duraloy manufactures cast tubes and fittings for the convection and radiant sections of Direct Reduced Iron furnaces.  These castings are normally manufactured in MO-RE 10MA and MO-RE 40MA due to their high creep strength values. 

Iron Ore Rollers