Duraloy Petrochemical Market

Steam Cracking

Duraloy Technologies provides steam cracking tubes for ethylene and styrene pyrolysis furnaces. The Duraloy Engineering Team recommends using proprietary alloys developed by Duraloy such as MO-RE 10MA®, MO-RE 40MA® or TMA 6350® depending on operating conditions. Duraloy has cast and fabricated coils for over 50 years in Scottdale, Pennsylvania. Duraloy’s Research and Development team licensed TMA 6350® through a partnered DOE funded research project managed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory to extend cracking run length by resisting coke build up. 

Steam cracking

SMR Catalyst Tubes

Duraloy Technologies recommends using TMA 6301® for catalyst tubes in steam methane reformers (SMR). TMA 6301® is a computer refined chemistry of TMA 6300® to improve tube life by improved mechanical properties versus the standard cast HP alloy. The award-winning TMA 6301® received an R&D 100 award in 2006. Along with TMA 6301®, Duraloy has over 50 years of experience manufacturing catalyst tubes in TMA 6300®, MO-RE 10®, and HK-40.


Reformer tubes


Duraloy manufactures cast manifolds, collectors, and headers to use in conjunction with reformer tubes and ethylene coils.  These parts are typically manufactured in low carbon alloys such as MO-RE 9® and MO-RE 21®.



Structural Components

Petrochemical structure

Duraloy Technologies manufactures cast structural components for use in high temperature furnaces. Components include tubesheets, tube trees, shock beams, and brackets.  Depending on the temperature of the furnace Duraloy recommends the following alloys: HF, HK-40, Super 22H®, Supertherm® and MO-RE 2®.  The most common location for structural components are in convection sections of ethylene furnaces, refineries, and SMR units. Duraloy Technologies has enhanced the pledge of quality in large static castings by using a solidification modeling program designed specifically for our proprietary alloys.