Duraloy is a vibrant, growing company, proud to be a world leader in the production of specialty castings and assemblies. Located near Pittsburgh in Scottdale,  PA, Duraloy has over 240,000 square feet of production space. Duraloy's quality system is registered to ISO 9001:2015, and Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and 97/23/EC. Duraloy's in-house capabilities enable the company to manufacture raw metal into fully machined and fabricated assemblies following high compliance specifications.

Duraloy has successfully blended a long history of outstanding technology and alloy development with strong global sales and marketing support to establish Duraloy as an innovative world-wide leader serving the steel, furnace builders, petrochemical, aerospace and commercial heat treating industry with cost-effective quality products, leading-edge alloys and innovative engineered solutions.

A History of Experience

Since Thomas R. Heyward, Jr., founded the firm in the 1920's, Duraloy has been a technology leader in engineering, design, research and the development and production of high-alloy heat-resistant castings. Duraloy was the first foundry in the U.S. to centrifugally cast high alloys for the metal-producing, heat-treating and petrochemical industries. Duraloy, being the industry leader in alloy development, was also the first foundry to add niobium to the traditional HP alloy to produce what is now an industry standard - the MO-RE 10® alloy.

A Tradition of New Ideas

Exceptional patented and trademarked alloys developed by Duraloy, such as the MO-RE® family of heat resistant alloys, 22H® and Super 22H®, are still worldwide industry standards for heat resistant alloys and the alloys of choice for many heat resistant applications.  With the addition of the alloy Supertherm®, the TMA® family of alloys and now with the addition of our exclusive license for Nickel Aluminides, Duraloy continues to be the leader in supplying exceptional heat resistant alloys to the industry.

Thanks to technology development groups, such as Oak Ridge National Laboratories, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), alloys such as Nickel Aluminides, TMA®-4701, and TMA®-6301 have allowed Duraloy to maintain their world-wide position. Our strong in-house commitment to new manufacturing and alloy developments have also aided in this process. 

Acquisitions and New Manufacturing Equipment

Following its acquisition in 1994 by the Park Corporation of Cleveland, Duraloy began moving ahead into the current century by implenting new management, a dedicated work force and extensive financial resources. Our growth and expansion continued in 1999 when the Park Corporation  closed the Electroalloys Corporation facility in Elyria, OH., and merged all of the manufacturing, engineering, and technology from Elyria, OH into Scottdale, PA. In 2005, Duraloy purchased the manufacturing assets of the former Ultra-Cast, Inc. and integrated these assets into our Scottdale facility, greatly increasing both our production facilities and capacity.

The new Duraloy blends the best equipment from all three facilities. With over 120 years of engineering, manufacturing, equipment and know-how, customers can be confident of Duraloy as a world-class design, engineering and manufacturing organization.