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Producing Heat Resistant Castings in the U.S.A. for Over 100 Years.



Duraloy serves a variety of markets including: petrochemical applications, steel production, refineries, heat treating and aerospace.



Duraloy and its associate companies were the original inventors of many of the alloys that have become industry standards.


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Duraloy Technologies is pleased to announce that Roman Pankiw, Ryan Richter and Daniel Limpert have won the ASM International Engineering…
In 2018 Duraloy announced our TMA 6350® alloy, a groundbreaking Alumina Forming Austenitic Alloy (AFA) resulting from collaboration with Oak…
Duraloy Technologies is pleased to welcome Bryce Jaworski and Nick Formato for their 2023 Summer Internships! At Duraloy, we pride ourselves…